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Is your tree growing in all directions? Are the shrubs in your yard look like they need a trim? Or is your tree on the verge of falling due to the excessive weight of its limbs? If this is the current situation of your tree, it is time to get help. Big Wood Tree Service can help, regardless of the size and type of your tree. 

Why Is Tree Trimming Important? 

Regrettably, one of the essential aspects of tree maintenance is also the most neglected. Tree trimming in Rockford, IL is, no doubt, an integral feature of tree care. It goes beyond the aesthetic concerns, but ensures the wellness of the tree, as well. Trimming can also direct the tree’s growth, making sure it doesn’t go beyond the ideal height allowed for a landscape tree. It also keeps a tree free from diseases and damages. 

A tree will grow according to what the environment presents to it. Without any restrictions, it can grow waywardly and impact structures around it. This will affect its structural integrity as well as its appearance. It may develop into an asymmetrical and hazardous element in your property. Overgrown trees are not only an aesthetic concern but a safety issue as well. 

Giving your tree a much-needed trim will enhance its health in many beneficial ways. Your trees will grow stronger and free from diseases that can lead to death. If you prefer your tree to grow in a specific way, our certified arborists can employ trimming techniques that will make it possible. We can devise a plan that will benefit your tree and ensure its wellness. We understand trees and their needs like the back of our hands, so we can assure you that they are in dependable hands. 

We observe the ANSI A300 standards when performing tree trimming to ensure the quality of the outcome. We will offer professional recommendations custom to the unique requirements of your trees. Our ultimate goal is to supply optimum trimming services to help your tree thrive in the years to come. 

Call Our Certified Arborists

Big Wood Tree Service delivers top-notch trimming service at a reasonable price. All of our employees and services are complete with a license and insurance for your security. We don’t hire a worker unless we are sure they pass our background check, and they possess all characteristics and qualifications of a certified arborist. You can be sure that your tree will look impressive without the fear of having it infected with diseases. We invite you to talk to our accommodating and skilled representative. We are always available to offer a detailed quote. Rest assured that we will not pressure you into hiring us if you don’t want to. 

At Big Wood Tree Service, tree care is affordable and accessible to all property owners. No matter the size of the job, we are ready and available to take care of it. You can trust us to bring you quality tree trimming service, without any hidden charges. For your trimming needs, give Big Wood Tree Service a call! 

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