Tree Removal

The skilled arborists of Big Wood Tree Service are passionate about trees, but we also know when a tree is no longer serving its purpose. While we assure you that we will do everything we can to restore your tree’s wellness, sometimes they are excessively damaged to regain their previous vitality. If your tree is in the same situation, you require tree removal in Rockford, IL. Dead or dying trees are incapable of holding themselves up, which makes them hazardous for everyone. 

Eliminate Diseased, Pest-Infested, or Dead Trees

​Allow our professional tree company to take care of the unwanted tree in your yard. We employ safe and best protocols in the industry of tree care. Our team owns modern equipment to help us efficiently remove a tree of any size. We don’t need to outsource subcontractors or rent equipment, so you can be assured that the quality of our work is consistent across the board. More importantly, we supply our excellent tree service in Rockford, IL at a price you can afford. We are a locally-operated company with the capability of national service, so you can entrust your trees on our hands. 

Trees are living things, and like other beings, they can be susceptible to diseases and premature deaths. Fungal infections and other pests can impact not only one, but an entire species of trees. There are situations when eliminating the tree is the only way to prevent the disease from spreading, and that is what we’ll do. If you see anything unusual in your tree’s appearance or overall condition, it may be high time to get in touch with a certified arborist. A professional arborist can tell you whether a tree is suffering from a disease and needs to be cut away soon. 

Why Choose Big Wood Tree Service?

The simple answer to that question is because we are all about trees and customer service. Our goal is not only to remove a tree or trim branches but to give our clients the best experience they can get from a tree company. We strive to keep the environment safe while providing impeccable customer care to our clients. Our job doesn’t end with cutting a tree, but we aim to be a company that our customers trust and look up to. We always appear on time, act, and dress professionally, ready to offer the best service in town. 

We believe that every property owner should have access to high-quality tree service, which is why we keep our rates at a reasonable price. Tree care should be affordable so that every homeowner can provide proper maintenance for their trees and other vegetation in their yard. 

How is Tree Removal Executed? 

Tree removal demands mastery because you will deal with considerable trunk and limbs. Without the proper set of skills and appropriate equipment, performing the task will be much more difficult than it already is. You need a tree company with all the qualifications to guarantee the project’s success and your property’s safety. 

At Big Wood Tree Service, we understand that tree removal should be done from the top going down. Our main cutter will cut away the main limbs and branches then haul them away. After this, we will begin working on the trunk and cut it into smaller portions to be safely brought down to the ground. Our team is capable of removing even the largest trees because we are well-equipped. 

We are leaders in the industry of tree care, including tree removal. Our professional arborists offer comprehensive tree removal services that will guarantee the safety and success of the process. With our modern equipment, we can finish a task in a fraction of time. Contact our representative and talk about how we can help you with your tree removal concern. We will diagnose your tree, offer a convenient quote, and start the process of eliminating your tree.

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