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Tree Service in Rockford, IL

When property owners require their trees to be tended to or efficiently removed, they turn to Big Wood Tree Service! We are the consistent choice of many home and business owners in town because of our undying dedication to the health of their trees and the fulfillment. Our service is unparalleled because we are experienced, well-equipped, approachable.  

Our team of highly-skilled arborists is not just committed to our job, but in supplying world-class service that our clients and the environment could take advantage of. This is why we conveniently offer free estimates with the important details of the project to help you in your decision-making. We will never ask you to purchase a service that will not bring good to you and your tree. 

We began as a humble, family-owned tree company offering tree care in 2010. We were established because we believed that every tree deserves to get the best care they could get to thrive and bloom. Because of our passion and dedication to customer service and tree service in Rockford, IL, we have been in the business for a decade, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

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Just because a company has a “tree service” in its name doesn’t mean it offers quality work. Not all tree companies can provide second-to-none service that will be advantageous to trees. It is best to work with a tree company with certified arborists employed to ensure not only the quality of the job but also your safety. Why take a risk when you can outsource a professional tree company like Big Wood Tree Service? Our professional team is knowledgeable and seasoned in caring for different species of trees and combating diseases that lead to their decline. We have the capacity to identify whether your tree is in danger or not and carry out the necessary steps to bring back its old glory. If you are unsure about your tree’s health and your next action, our advice is to give us a call and let our friendly staff schedule an appointment for a free quote.  

Tree Services We Offer

Health Tips – It may be a challenge for a typical homeowner to decide what is best for his tree by merely looking at it. How often should you water your tree? What fertilizers would be best for them? Should you prune them at this time of year? These are some of the questions you are faced to ensure the overall wellness of your tree, and they can be overwhelming if you are not well-adept to the process of tree care. Our professional team has the answers to these questions and more! We have spent years studying tree species that flourish in the region, making us qualified to perform any type of tree service. Rest assured that your trees will be given the right nutrients and water they need to bloom. 

Efficient Tree Removal Service – We implore you not to hire a tree company without the proper license and insurance. Tree Service Rockford, IL is a dangerous undertaking, and it can result in accidents if you will leave it to the hands of people who don’t know what they are doing. Entrusting your tree and your property to a company that is not insured and bonded may cost you a fortune and your freedom. Remember that tree removal in Rockford, IL entails processes that may be perilous to someone untrained that is why you should only work with a company with trained arborists and proper machinery to take care of the job. Don’t take chances with a novice tree company.  Big Wood Tree Service is complete with the license, insurance, and bond that will guarantee zero liability to our clients. We strictly observe the ISA’s standards and protocols to ensure the success of every tree removal project we do. 

Tree Trimming – Tree Trimming in Rockford, IL is pivotal to a tree’s overall health, which is why it should be done by someone who knows its biology and needs. Don’t leave the task to the hands of unskilled companies who don’t know how to make precision cuts.  Big Wood Tree Service works with certified arborists who follow ISA practices to guarantee the welfare of your trees. Whether your tree requires crown reducing or thinning of its canopy, we can do it. When it comes to trimming, every cut is crucial. A wrong cut can result in the tree’s decline or premature death, which is why it should be performed by someone who is well-aware of the needs of your trees. By contracting Big Wood Tree Service, you can be assured that your trees are well-tended and that they are getting the best treatment they can get from the best tree specialists for the job. 

Land Clearing – If you need assistance with clearing a piece of land, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We offer experienced land clearing service for when you need your lot cleared for future construction such as home extension, playground, or a new store. We used technologically advanced equipment, which gives us the advantage of completing a large-scale task as land clearing. All of our staff are trained to carry out physically-demanding tasks like this, so you can trust us to finish the job with a high level of efficiency. Our land clearing service comes with stump grinding and hauling off of the debris left by the process. For a decade now, we consistently impress our clients with the results of our work. We are equipped with all the resources required for this kind of job, and you can trust us to finish the task safely. 

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The Removal Process

Picture of our tree climber trimming and cutting downs trees for a customer in Rockford, IL.Are there trees in your yard that need to be cut away? We are up for it! As a seasoned and professional tree company, we own the right equipment and hold all the qualifications required to perform a dangerous task as tree removal. Our arborists will systematically cut branches and lower them to the ground until we are only left with the main trunk. We can also take care of the stump and remove it if you please. Once we are done, your yard will look better minus the unwanted tree. 

Eliminating a tree, especially a large species, can be physically demanding and time-consuming. It should start with the topmost portion to effectively cut it away. All branches, big or small, as well as the limbs, should be taken care of first, then work your way down to the trunk. Some trees don’t need to be removed altogether and will do well with some trimming. But if you require the tree to be out of your yard, we can do it fast and safely. We follow the process below in removing a tree of any age, size, and species.  

Once the main branches are eliminated, we will start working with the tree’s base. Before making any major cuts, it is suggested that you examine the tree to diagnose its condition. This is important, so we can help you decide whether tree removal is necessary or not. After inspecting the tree and knowing its condition, we can safely begin with the removal process. 

We need to determine the direction of which the tree should fall and make the first cut in this direction. We will cut the tree at the top and toward the center of its body. The second cut should meet the first cut halfway that will result in a triangle wedge that will ensure the effective fall of the tree in the desired direction.

Small branches will be processed in our wood chipper and turned into organic mulch. You have a choice to keep it for gardening use, or you can have us haul it away in a place you prefer.

As for the larger branches and limbs, we can cut them into smaller logs that you can use for firewood. If you prefer to leave the wood as it is, just let us know and we will haul them anywhere in your property. You can also have us haul it away, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of keeping them around. 

Depending on the trunk size, we may be able to use a wood splitting machine to make the job easier. The larger parts of tree trunk will have to be cut down with chainsaws and then run through the splitting machine to turn them into firewood.

No matter your decision, we will make sure to carry it out with care and efficiency. We possess the qualifications, knowledge, and experience to complete the task in a safe manner. Give us a call today to learn more about our tree services.

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If you need a major cleanup on your property, we are the right company for the job. We will effectively eliminate wood, logs, and trees that you no longer need in your land. We can chip off the wood into smaller pieces and turn them into mulch, while the logs can

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